Bible Study


Here are some thoughts that might be helpful as we work through these texts each week. Remember that engaging with each other around God's Word, outside of a Sunday, builds unity. If you have questions or want to talk through ideas, reach out via text, email or call someone. Let's share with others what God is doing with each of us on this journey.

  • If we are to understand Scripture we have to understand what the author meant. Scripture cannot mean something to us that author was not communicating to the original readers.

  • Before doing anything else, prayerfully read through the passage and take the time to allow God to give you insight into what is being communicated. After this make use of overviews, commentaries, study bibles, a concordance, dictionaries and teachings to clarify and adjust your understanding where necessary.

  • Ask the following questions of the text...

    1. What are the main ideas in the passage?

    2. What does the passage tell me about God?

    3. What does the passage tell me about myself?

    4. Is God requiring anything of me?